photoshop doodle

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A few oldies

A couple of old pictures I came across while cleaning out my computer.

Some trees

A logo for my friend’s website

And two pics of my friend’s awesome tiny dragon character

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I have a website! and I had some work :).

I finally made myself a proper website. helendallat.co.uk :). Go have a look around!

In other news I have just finished my first paid freelance job after uni! I spent the last five weeks at Sherbet in London, doing rotoscoping and backgrounds on the animated sections of a documentary, being directed by Tony Comley. I had a really great time working there. It was really nice to be in a studio environment again and has really spurred me on to try and find more work again!

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Woolly Hooves

Thought I would post up some work from some projects I have done work for in the past! This particular one was lots of fun. I made lots of pictures of creatures, as well as some maps and town images for Woolly Hooves – Invincible Llama Sim. A very surreal but very entertaining game created by a friend of mine!

Here are a few of the characters, the caterpillar chef, big croc, chief hare, spider crab minion, angry tomato and tailor squirrel.


The main llama picture

The town images

and a couple of items.

Projects like this are always a lot of fun, though this one was even more fun than most because the artists were given a lot of freedom and a lot of creative input to the whole site.

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Just a few little paintings that I did for fun. Decided to play around with a limited colour palette and I am quite pleased with the results! I really enjoy painting quickly like this, it’s a lot of fun and always produces something interesting.

I turned the elephant into an album cover for a talenthouse competition. Voting starts today if anyone would like to support me!

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a little doodle of a festival

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A collection of little sketches from the last while.


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